We endorse Roger Wykle for Moraga Town Council!

Suzanne D’Arcy, Moraga Planning Commissioner

Bill Carman, Moraga Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Frank Comprelli, former Moraga Planning Commissioner

Lynda Deschambault, former Moraga Mayor

Kathy Famulener, Moraga-Orinda Fire District Board Member

Robin Fielding, Moraga Parks and Recreation Commissioner

John Glover, former Moraga Design Board Member

Cherie Grant, former Moraga Mayor

Rich Hiett, former Moraga Planning Commissioner

Dick Immel, Chair of the Committee that passed the 1986 Moraga Open Space Ordinance

Suzanne Jones, founder Preserve Lamorinda Open Space

Ferenc Kovac, Moraga Planning Commissioner

Stacia Levenfeld, former Moraga Planning Commissioner

Tom Marnane, Moraga Planning Commissioner

Gordon Nathan, Moraga Citizen of the Year, 2011

Dick Olsen, Moraga Citizen of the Year, 2013

Kathy Ranstrom, former Moraga School Board Member

Edy Schwartz, Moraga Citizen of the Year, 2010

Renata Sos, former Moraga Planning Commissioner

Bill Vaughn, former Moraga Mayor

Fred Weil, Moraga-Orinda Fire District Board Member

May Lo and Andrew Yick, Owners, Tangelo Frozen Yogurt

Stacy and Brian Ahearn

Hollie Lucas-Alcalay and Orion Alcalay

Fiona and Patrick Artiaga

Anna and Jim Babson

Kirsten and Jason Barash

Steve and Lori Bartis

Barry and Susan Behr

Peter and Nancy Bennett

Jan and Mary Lou Blumer

Stiev Bobell

Bill Booth

Curtis and Elaine Cable

Sal and Susan Captain

Steve and Karen Chin

Stacie and Lon Coates

Nancy Comprelli

Tim and Serina Culleton

George Ehrenhaft

Leslie Engler

Jeff and Amy Fara

Lynn Ransone Fong

Susa Cooper Gates

Ellen and Adrian Gunderson

Carol and Larry Haag

Kim and Neal Habas

Brita and Dave Harris

Erich and Katie Hilkemeyer

Bess Inzeo

Laura Lister Jaffe

Kay James

Ricci and Bruce Jamgotchian

Brooke and Paul Kline

Walter and Zoe Klippert

Jennifer and Tadd Koziel

Dr. Ethan and Christy Kutzscher

Anju and Deval Lashkari

Rick and Laura Larson

Sharon Lee

Kathy Macchi

Becky and Chris Maher

Jill and Jim Malley

Dean Mayer

Craig Means

Tim and Pamela Meltzer

Judy Miles

Beth Mintz

Jeanne Moreau

Lenore and Jeff Morgridge

Verna Osborn and Bob Muller

Walter and Kathe Nelson

Elaine and Adrian Nunn

John O’Hare

John Onoda

Mylinh and Tony Paolieri

Dave and Katherine Petersen
Hannah and John Pirone

Sandy Preto

Carla Rafetto

Tony and Alicia Rago

Marti Roach

Claire Roth

Al and Leah Saroni

Cindy Shafer and Stuart Schoenfeld

Tina Brier and David Shapiro

Deanna and Matt Sheehan

Dan and Marilyn Smith

Roark Smith

Sam and Susan Sperry

Malcolm and Casey Sproul

Roberta Thomas

Ann and Craig Thomas

Michael and Diana Torp

Debby Trotter

Joan and Matt Vattuone

Dick and Eleanor Vaughn

Glenn and Ellen Voyles

Ann and Brian Walgenbach

Jodi and Jeff Weaver

Anita Weil

Fanny and Erek Wilson

Caroline and David Wood

Brigid Wonder

Shivaun and Jim Wraith

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