It’s been an honor to serve you as a Moraga Town Councilmember and Mayor during the past four years. I’m running for re-election to finish the job on these important goals:


Protect Moraga’s hillsides, ridgelines and open space from over-development

  • Complete the “Hillside and Ridgeline Project” and finalize new, lasting, and effective Town policies to protect Moraga’s remaining natural areas from massive grading and ridgeline development.  This process is well underway and can be completed next year.


Re-vitalize downtown retail areas while preserving Moraga’s semi-rural atmosphere

  • Amend the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) to ensure that future downtown development blends with existing commercial and neighborhood areas.  Recent projects have illustrated that MCSP development standards must be strengthened so new downtown development better harmonizes with Moraga’s semi-rural character.
  • Adopt stronger regulatory criteria requiring all new construction in Moraga to “reflect the size, scale, height, setbacks and character” of existing adjacent neighborhoods, as directed by our General Plan.  Current construction projects suggest that we are not achieving this goal.
  • Build on recent successes at Rheem Shopping Center:  continue to work with the new shopping-center owner to bring additional businesses that respond to the needs of Moraga residents.
  • Promote “Shop Moraga First” and support the Moraga Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to help local businesses thrive.

Act with fiscal responsibility and address long term infrastructure needs

  • Insist that Measure K sales tax funds continue to be used only for road and infrastructure repairs as promised.
  • Continue to adopt only balanced Town budgets.
  • Develop a comprehensive long-term strategy to fund repair and maintenance of Town-owned infrastructure.


Support our schools and youth/recreational programs, and promote cooperation between the Town, the Moraga School District, and Saint Mary’s College

  • Continue to the past two years’ successful collaboration among the Town, the School District, and Saint Mary’s College to make sports and recreation opportunities more available to Moraga’s youth and to share meeting facilities.


Encourage and listen to public input

  • Respond to the thoughtful comments of Moraga residents with meaningful and transparent actions.  Residents should feel their input has been taken into account in Council decision-making.

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